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8 Tips for a Smoother and Easier Move

August 21, 2017

Moving homes can be exciting and dreadful at the same time. Here are a few tips that can make this process go smoother:

    Start your preparations early

Moving into a new home doesn’t happen overnight. It typically takes about a month or two to sell a home, so use this time to prepare for the transfer. This way, you’ll have time to anticipate and resolve any problems and needs ahead of the actual moving day.

At this stage, you can start coordinating the transfer of your utilities (electricity, water, and gas) and subscriptions (cable TV, phone, and internet), so that these services can be up and running as soon as you move into your new place.

    Plan thoroughly

With so many elements involved – all your stuff, the new space that you will fill with it, logistics, budgeting – you need to sharpen your attention to detail. Here are some easy ways to cover all your bases:

  • Write it down. Create an inventory of your items and a checklist of things to do,  including buying markers, tape, labels, containers, bubble wrap, and other  packing materials if you’re doing it alone.
  • Employ a labeling or color-coding system that assigns containers and items to corresponding rooms/areas in the new home.
  • Take accurate measurements of the furniture you’ll bring with you and compare them with the dimensions of your new place to make sure everything fits.
  • Lighten your load by makeeach family member responsible for a moving-out or moving-in task.

    Know when (and how) you’re allowed to move

If you’re moving to a condo, you probably can’t-do it on a weekend – or at least on a Sunday. Such rules protect residents from being disturbed on a day they’re all likely to be at home. You may also need to book a service elevator and secure a parking permit for the moving truck in advance.

Be sure to let your neighbors and homeowners’ association know when you’re moving in and whether you’re arriving with moving trucks in tow. It’s a little courteous gesture that can go a long way in building good relationships with them.

    Get rid of stuff

Use your imminent move as the perfect opportunity to let go of things you don’t use or have outgrown. Sell them at a  yard sale or donate these items to a local charity.

    Invest in reusable containers

If you’re not employing professional movers, buy containers and boxes well ahead of moving day. You may want to consider using a mix of cardboard boxes and stackable plastic containers. You can reuse the latter as a toy box or as additional storage in your pantry or garage.

    Protect your valuables

Keep your valuables on their own, properly labeled containers. Wrap breakable items in cloth or newspapers before stashing them in a box, and make sure to mark the container as fragile. It would be smart to secure insurance coverage from your moving company, as well.

    Pack moving-day essentials separately

You might not have time to unpack everything right away when you arrive at your new home. Make sure each member of the family has a fresh set of clothes, toiletries, and any important medicines packed in a separate bag or a suitcase that you can readily access. Don’t forget to bring cleaning supplies and garbage bags, too.

    Make sure you know what to expect from your movers

Your movers will prepare a written inventory of your items – make sure the list is accurate. They will also present you with a bill of lading, which will show you the conditions of your move and the day you can expect your goods to arrive. Read it carefully before you sign the document.  Two people should be on hand on the day your stuff is delivered:  one to check the inventory and examine the items and the other to let movers know where things should go.

Do you need more moving advice or any assistance in finding a new home? Contact me, Jeff Oneal, at (619) 709-3196 or send me a message at jeff@downtownjeffrey.com.