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The Benefits of Holding an Open House

July 18, 2017

On the fence about holding an open house to sell your property? Here are the reasons this selling strategy works to your benefit. Open houses can bring in more potential buyers Casual home shoppers browse through dozens of listings o...

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How to Get your Home Ready for a Showing

July 11, 2017

It takes more than some dusting up and sweeping to make your home presentable and ready for sale. Put careful consideration into preparing your property for a showing. All the time and energy you invest at this stage will be worth your while wh...

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Why You Should Invest in Great Listing Photos

May 9, 2017

When you're selling your home, it's crucial to make your property stand out from the competition. First impressions are important because they determine whether your prospective buyer becomes interested enough to check out the other features in...

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‘Improvement Rates of Return’ Explained

May 4, 2017

Buyers are willing to pay a little more on a home that has had improvements. However, not all renovations are created equal. Some bring more value to a home than others. Calculating the rate of return on an improvement tells sellers which upgra...

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What is a Credit Score?

May 1, 2017

A credit score is a three-digit representation of how reliable you are at paying your debt. It is based on a person’s credit history, and is used by lenders to evaluate a person’s creditworthiness. There are numerous types of credit scor...

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The Pros and Cons of Homeowners Associations

March 13, 2017

Are you thinking of purchasing a home in a neighborhood with a homeowners association? Like everything else, homeowners associations has its perks and disadvantages. Let's review the most common pros and cons attached with homeowners associatio...

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Museum Month in San Diego

March 9, 2017

Love is in the air. For most of the world, with February comes Valentines' Day. In San Diego, the spotlight is also on love-- lovers of art, that is. February is Museum Month in San Diego, and for the whole month, everyone is invited to visit 4...

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How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

March 6, 2017

One of the most common mistakes homebuyers and sellers make is to go it alone. Real estate transactions are more complex than many people think, and a single mistake can cost you dearly – whether through lost opportunities, fines and penaltie...

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Celebrate Mardi Gras in San Diego

March 1, 2017

There is no need to travel to Louisiana to party like there's no tomorrow. In San Diego, Gaslamp Quarter is home to its very own Mardi Gras celebration. Hailed as one of the best Mardi Gras events in the world, this year's San Diego Mardi Gras ...

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