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Good Staging can Help you Sell your Home

July 29, 2017

In any competitive market, it pays to make the best impression to stand out from the crowd. When it comes to real estate, home staging does this job effectively, increasing your chances to sell fast at a great price. A professionally staged property presents a home in its best light.

Home staging involves more than just clearing the clutter, rearranging the furniture, and sprucing up the fixtures. Home staging is an entire step of its own that comes after that preparatory stage. It involves a bit of depersonalization of your former living space, so that prospective buyer can visualize owning and living in it.

The Benefits of Home Staging

Here are key reasons for you to consider home staging to boost your selling prospects.

  • One look to get them hooked

Home staging complements today’s internet-reliant marketing practices. Practically everyone starts shopping for a new home by searching online listings. Property images are an important element on listings because these are the best visual aids for buyers short of scheduling a personal showing. Good home staging makes the photos on your listings more attention-grabbing and instills a stronger sense of interest and curiosity.

  • Sell fast

A more attractively presented home can trigger an emotional response from an interested buyer. When that happens, you can expect an offer soon because the buyer wouldn’t want anyone to beat them to it.

  • The best returns

Good home staging is an investment. Getting your property staged will get it the right kind of attention and interest right away. You might get more than your asking price if multiple interested buyers are interested.

In contrast, posting images of your property “as is” may leave your listing ignored, to the point that you may be forced to adjust your asking price to make it more attractive.

Why hire a professional home stager?

Home staging can be a DIY project, but for inexperienced home sellers, our best recommendation is still to trust accredited professionals.

  • Home stagers have the right eye for the job

Professionals keep tabs on design trends and standards. In addition, they approach the staging job with an objective eye. With expert design opinions and no emotional connections to your home, they can rearrange, repaint, and redecorate your home with the sole purpose pleasing target buyers.

  • Home stagers have their own supplies

Professional stagers have home decorating supplies and suppliers on the ready to spruce up your home. They know exactly the right kind of accent piece to incorporate. These items are neutral in color and design, so that they don’t distract from the living space that they are meant to enhance.

A pro also spares you the trouble of making dozens of decisions with hit-and-miss results.

  • Home stagers stage homes for a living

DIY home staging might require you to spend your weekends doing extra work. Hiring a pro means keeping your downtime to yourself.

If you’re interested in having your home staged by an accredited professional, contact me, Jeff O’Neal, at (619) 709-3196 or send me a message at jeff@downtownjeffrey.com.